I Love Spending Time with My Son at the Racetrack

When my wife told me that we were going to have a baby, I was beside myself with happiness. We had tried to have children for many years, but we feared that it would never happen. We have a little boy, and he’s my buddy. He loves to go to Formula One races with me. We both look forward to racing days, and we spend a lot of time watching it on TV and discussing what we read about it online. When he was little, I remember hoping that he would share my passion for cars, and he does. He’s a special kid, and my wife and I adore him.

My wife did not get pregnant until she was 45 years old. We had pretty much given up hope on having children. Continue reading “I Love Spending Time with My Son at the Racetrack”

Tennis Club Add-Ons

There are 3 ways to grow your tennis club…

1) Get members to buy more.

2) Get more money from each transaction.

3) Raise Your Membership Fees.

Now, let’s talk about using add-ons to triple your profits.

Ask this in add-on question.

What other products and services do your members need and how can you set up a partnership with that supplier or company?

Here are some good ideas for add-ons to start with.

More Privates Lessons.

If they are taking 1 with you, get them to take 2 or if they are taking 2 move them up to 3, with a discount of course.

Most adults need more on-court practice time anyway.

Many take lessons for years and never really progress because they don’t get in enough lesson and practice time.

So, there is your pitch right there!!

Leverage your kid’s lessons.

I got this add-on from my first manager at Nishinomiya.

Here is what he did.

He focused on building up our kids program and then we leverage each relationship.

We would get the kids to take on a weekly package deal, where they would take lessons 3 times a week.

Then we would sell the mom on why she needs to be taking lessons too.

And of course, the dad would join after as well.

In the end, we would be selling nice fat family packaged deals and tripling our profits.

And last.

Turn your sports shop into an add-on.

Use your sports shop as an add-on for each new transaction or to promote to your members in a creative way.

Offer a discount to all new members when they join. (Package it with a racket and 2 sets of wear and other tennis aids/gear)

They are going to need tennis wear anyway, so give it to them at a fair price.

To do that.

Use the reverse commerce method.

You don’t want to buy and have to stock a lot of inventory. Get the supplier to front you the rackets and tennis items and sell them first, then pay for them.

Get creative and sell, sell, sell and your supplier will love you for it.

With this sports shop model, you can offer a fair price and promote the hell out of it daily and cash in for your club.


Those are just 3 ideas for add-ons.

Make sure that in your daily or weekly meeting that you and your staff are brainstorming for more ideas to use add-ons in all your transactions from today.

Then, watch how your club’s profit jump through the roof!

3 Tips For Tennis Coaching Leadership

As a tennis coach, how well do you lead your players?

The thing here is to never look at your job as just being a tennis coach.

Because it can and should be much more than that.

You are touching and shaping the lives of these players and with that job comes a lot of responsibility.

Without a doubt.

Tennis coaches must become great leaders!!

“This will also help them to reach their full potential as a coach and as a human being”.

You really need to ask yourself this question.

How good of a leader am I?

Then start working on these 3 things to become better at DOING it or should I say being it.

1) Building Character.

This is a lifelong pursuit for all of us.

But we first must start developing it now and then we need to focus on maintaining it forever.

All great coaches had to develop character at some point in their careers.

They then learned how to teach character and transfer it to their players.

It’s like character begets character.

Focus on getting better as a person daily and this will help you develop more character as a leader.

2) Strengthen Your Relationships.

This goes across the board.

With your players, your co-workers and their parents and your own family.

To get great at leading you need to lead by example and that means building great relationships!

Notice how all great leaders have great relationships in their lives?

Break out with your coaching journal for me and then rate how solid your relationships are right now.

After you do that get to work on strengthening the ones that need work and deepening the other ones.

3) Study Great Leaders.


“You need to study other great leaders and coaches and you need to take a lot of notes and then you have to stay congruent with their teaching into they get down into your consciousness and become a part of your daily life”!

If you really step back for a minute and think about this…

This is all about YOU reaching your full potential as a coach, by helping and leading your players, friends, and family do the same thing in their lives.

Great leadership comes around full circle!

Adopting this coaching philosophy can have a very powerful and spiritual effect in your life.

And it all starts with you recognizing where you are as a leader today and then committing to these 3 attributes and developing them as fast as you can.

How Tennis Players Can Reach Their Full Potential

As a tennis player, your main goal should be to reach your full potential and then take your competitive career as for as you can.

To do that though.

You have to model your inner training after other great tennis Champions.

The inner game is what all Champions have mastered!


Here are 5 tips that can help you reach your full potential.

1) Write down your tennis goals.

Twice a day, once in the morning and then again at night.

Carry them around with you and look at them during your downtime.

2) Visualize your goals.

Your picture may not be clear at first, but just keep doing it every day.

With practice, they will become clearer and clearer for you.

Visualization doesn’t work for most people because they don’t do it long enough.

It’s the law of practice.

The more you do something, the better you get at doing it.

3) Take action.

This is where you have to be careful.

Don’t just take any action, take inspired action towards reaching your tennis goals.

This means you should be feeling good when taking this action or stop doing it!

Tennis is a FEEL game in the learning stage, but it’s all MENTAL in the competition phase.

Write that down and refer back to it.

4) Be persistent.

Focus on being the best that you can be at every giving moment of your day and never lose sight of your goal (To reach your full potential).

I heard this quote from a speaker the other day and I can’t get it out of my mind.

“The biggest problem in our society is unfulfilled potential”!

When I heard that, it just slapped me in my face!!

Because it is so true.

The biggest problem that is facing our game and the world, in general, is people not reaching their full potential.

Wouldn’t you agree?

5) Keep adjusting your approach.

Now, after you follow the above steps.

You must adjust your plan, strategy, and training.

Look at everything as feedback and then make the needed adjustments and keep progressing towards your tennis goals.

Develop an adaptable mindset and get rid of your mechanical mindset.

Too many players have a narrow mindset and this narrow mindset turns into tennis slumps that can last their whole careers.

Think about like this.

If something isn’t working, just stop doing it and try something else.

If your current mental training, isn’t helping your match play performance, let it go!

I mean.

They are all just experiences, that you either learn from or you keep repeating over and over again.

Reaching your full potential is learning how to win the inner game.

It has nothing to do with the game itself.

It’s all about how you getting that winning feeling and then allowing that same feeling to transfer to your tennis matches.

And then.

Everything will then work out from there.

Tired of losing to players that you know you should be beating?

Coaching Practice For High School Tennis

Are you a high school tennis coach?

If you are one let me ask you this follow up question.

How well do you coach in practice every day?


The best tennis coaches at the high school level are great at coaching in practice.

That being the case.

Here are 4 areas that you should focus on in practice, also keep testing out new ideas and drills to help you maximize your players time on the court.

The goal is creativity, innovation, and efficiency.

1) Footwork-

Tennis is all about movement.

The better they get at their movement, the better they’re on court play will be.

They need to focus on short, explosive, and powerful first steps.

I like using dynamic warm-up drills at the start of practice instead of static stretching.

2) Repetitions-

Leverage the reps in practice.

Your players need to get enough reps in daily until they master all their strokes.

At the high school level.

Most players never develop the basic strokes because they don’t get enough in during practice.

Post up a daily goal for reps for each player and make sure that they do them!

3) Creative Drills-

Study and test out new drills and then build on and off those drills.

This will keep you on top of your coaching game and the players will stay engaged out there as well.

YouTube is a great place to go find drills and they are all FREE.

Most great drills are just other coaches drills that someone took and adopted and adapted it in a creative way.

My PTR tester told me.

Try to learn a new drill or a new way of coaching every day!

4) Point/Matches-

In the afternoon.

Have your players play points and set up situational training for them.

After doing that.

Have them play practice matches.

They should be working on new shots and focusing on discovering their authentic style of play.

They shouldn’t be trying to win those matches.

The key point for practice matches is to test out new shots and focus on discovery your match play game.

After every practice match, they need to write down their results in their tennis journal.


When they are writing in their tennis journal.

They should be honest and keep this information to themselves.

This journal is for their eyes only!

I say that because you want them to start using the feedback that they are getting to make the needed adjustments in the future.

In coaching experience.

Players who use their journal the right way are able to make progress faster than players that don’t.

So, there is your proof.

Are You Looking For A Tennis Scholarship?

Are you a tennis recruit looking for a scholarship?

If so, look no further and go get a pen and take down some notes.

Then, start taking action today on getting yourself a tennis scholarship.

“With the internet, we all have to ability to communicate with each other easy, free and very fast, so leverage it for all it is worth when going after your scholarship”.

Go, let get busy!

Create your “Dream List” of schools that you would like to play for.

Make sure that you can play on that level by the way.

Get your coaches and your parent’s advice but go with your own gut feeling on your final decision.

After you create your list.

It’s time to create a player profile, write it up in a document and then download it into a PDF file, so you can send it to coaches.

Include all your achievements in your junior career and 3 recommendations from teachers or business people.

Next, make a video.

This should be you playing matches and in practice.

At the start of the video introduce yourself and thank them for watching, then at the end of the video, tell them how you can help their program and what you bring to the table as a player.

Start contacting coaches.

Send them an email with your profile.

They will then ask you to send your video, so do that.

The next thing is very important in getting your scholarship.

Call them 3 days after you sent it and sell yourself on why they need to recruit YOU.

Write out a script and practice it until you know it by heart, anticipate their questions and have your power statement ready.

Talk with them in a very relaxed and conversational manner.

And this will allow you to control the conversation from start to finish.

Keep following up every 2 weeks and if you get the feeling that it isn’t going to happen with that school.

Take them off your dream list and replace them with another school.

Don’t worry though.

If you put this plan into action with a thought-out strategy and you keep working it with a great attitude and purpose.

You will get your scholarship very fast.

Because coaches will see that you have your act together and that you are self-directed.

All college coaches are looking for character, integrity and leadership ability.

So, start working on all of those attributes today and strengthen them as fast as you can.


That’s it!

“Follow these steps and start with the end goal in mind and set strong intentions and never allow anyone or anybody to break your intentions, which is to do whatever it takes to get a tennis scholarship”.

And it’s a done deal!

One more thing.

Work the numbers (colleges that you contact at first) until those numbers start working for you!

Contact as many schools as you need to at the start and keep contacting them until you get 5 of them interested in recruiting you.

After that.

It’s just of matter of working the process.

You guys are set and…

I wish all of you recruits the best of luck too!